The Divine Meridian

Inner Resilience for Challenging Times

Our world is in transition. The systems we have created no longer work. They do not support our well-being or the well-being of the Earth.

The time for change is now.

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You are probably experiencing a transition in your own life.

The systems you created, whether that is your work, your relationships or how you have been sharing your gifts in the world, don’t serve you anymore.  You’re tired and frustrated and have lost your sense of enchantment, but the path ahead is unclear, and you don’t know how to find a new way.

The Divine Meridian is a map for conscious evolution.

Where you reconnect to your inner resilience, your sense of meaning and purpose and the most authentic version of yourself.  It’s where you get clarity and find your magic mojo to create a new life in a new way.

The Divine Meridian is a cutting edge system for personal transformation.

You will learn how to grow deep roots while expanding into the fullest essence of who you are. You will balance your inner masculine and feminine, (logic and intuition) so that your can birth yourself and your projects into the world. And you will learn how to be authentic in a way that is unique to you, to get the clarity and personal fulfilment that you desire.

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The Divine Meridian Logo

"With all the madness and uncertainty in the world right now these are great tools to use to get through all this craziness."

- Jean Byrne

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"I have been stuck for some time and anxious and uncertain as to the means to move forward. I feel that working with Catherine and Vincent has enabled me to shift. I am creating a stronger me. Less anxious, less stressed, more grounded and connected.

Catherine and Vincent’s knowledge and understanding allow the left brain to analyse while the right brains imagination and creative meditative work allows the body to perform some incredible journeying work."

- Paul O'Malley

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"The combination of left and right brain insights is what sets this experience apart. It's clarifying and empowering to understand the why (Vincent brings this element with his insightful teachings about the psyche), as well as being shown the how (Catherine's guided meditations and other powerful practices) as integrating parts of the whole. They bring everything together in a way that the heart and spirit welcome, but that the mind can accept and support.

Thank you Catherine and Vincent. You are amazing!"

- Sally Blake

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